Pre-painted steels


  • Heating

  • Air-conditioning

  • Coverings

  • Household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, components for electric motors and compressors, kitchen, bath tubs, showers, water heaters, etc ...)

These products consist of a steel substrate to which an organic coating is applied in the form of paint (or powder) using a continuous method (coil coating) or via co-lamination with plastic sheeting.

This allows these products to cover a huge variety of features: the different mechanical properties guaranteed by the steel substrate, the highest levels of corrosion resistance, available in a wide range of colours, the variability of gloss and surface finish, compatibility with the environment, cost and energy savings in the entire manufacturing process.

The substrate material is a steel product with or without metal coating, depending on use:

GALVANISED is the most widely used material, because the zinc coating protects the steel from corrosion.

COLD LAMINATED is never used if there are corrosion risks (thus typically only used in indoor applications).

The choice of organic coating depends on the final use. An organic coating may be present:

  1. on each of the two faces of the laminate in an identical manner;
  2. on a single face (usually the upper one), while the other is left without coating (although still subjected to preliminary treatment);
  3. on one face, while the other (the lower face or rear back) is coated with an organic coating without any special requirements.

The system that makes up the coating may be a single layer, with certain requirements, or applied as a primer (primer) in view of subsequent applications, or it can be multilayer, comprising a bottom layer, possibly one or more intermediate layers and a finishing layer with all the necessary requirements.

The identification of these steels is inclusive of the full description of the steel substrate, the type and mass of the metallic coating (where present), the symbol for the organic material applied on the upper face and, where required, that applied to the lower face, of the nominal thickness in microns of the organic coating applied on the upper face and, where necessary, of that applied on the lower face.

It is always essential to specify whether the nominal thickness of the prepainted steel includes the organic coating applied on both sides or is to be understood as the thickness of the substrate and metallic coating excluding the organic coating (as required by the standard).

Other technical data, necessary for the definition of the product, is required:

  1. Color and / or color difference (reference to the RAL table is reccomended)
  2. Mirrored gloss at 60°, the possible ranges according to the norm are:

There are further optional requirements, which are often very useful, above all in the choice of material:

  1. Pencil hardness / indentation hardness / scratch test
  2. Adhesion strength after drawing / Flexibility of the coating (T-bend at 180 °) / Adhesion under the action of rapid deformation
  3. Resistance to neutral salt spray / Exposure to artificial weathering / exposure to natural weathering
  4. Other characteristics are determined by the specific material application.