Commit Siderurgica

Commit Siderurgica was created in 1987 by Stefano Lubian and Luciano Favaretto, and is today a dynamic point of reference in the steel world. The aim was to create a company specialised in the processing and marketing of new high quality rolled steel, hot-dip galvanized in continuous aluminium-zinc alloy and aluminium-silicon or electrolytically galvanized, prepainted, embossed, etc.. High quality materials and cutting edge technological processes, competitive prices, prompt processing of even small orders, professionalism, these are the strengths that have enabled Commit Siderurgica Spa to become a market leader initially on a national level and then worldwide.
With more and more positive feedback from customers who continue to appreciate the value and quality of our products, Commit Siderurgica, has entered markets in North Africa, Asia and across Europe, with excellent results in the industrial refrigeration, appliance and automotive sectors.

The efficiency and quality of COMMIT has guided the company towards the attainment – following the national market – of international markets.

The great reputation that the products have established over time has allowed for a truly crucial expansion in the company's core business, which now aims at consolidating its role as a trusted partner for steel companies on a worldwide market.

Our achievements:

Expansion of the headquarters and
the construction of 2 new stables